A Quick Guide to Email Sender Settings

Understanding Email Sender Settings

When you receive an email from someone, email programs display the address and name of the person that sent you the email. Your credential recipients will receive emails that appear to come from Accredible, unless you decide to override these fields.

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Email Sender Information

Accredible allows you to change the Name and Email Address that display in your recipient's email client when they receive a credential from you. You can also change the email address that they reply to, so you can set a specific email address to handle replies.

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Note that the from Email Address 'Needs verification'. Before we can send emails that look like they are from your email address, you need to prove you own that address - so no one thinks it is spam. Once you save your changes, you will receive an email from Amazon in a few minutes to confirm you own the email address.

You can also override this information at a group level.

For instance: if you want a specific course instructor, or a local admin personnel to handle specific groups, you can override this information on the Group Email Settings.

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First, slide toggle to reveal the optional fields and then enter any of the information you'd like to override for the specific group.

Credential Email Settings

There are a couple of other options that you can set for when you issue a credential:

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This lets you send a copy of every credential email that you send to and email address you choose. You can send this as a normal email copy, or blind (BCC) if you don't want your recipients to know. You might choose to do this to have a record of delivery.