A Quick Guide to Skills and Knowledge Tags

A skill, or required knowledge that a credential-holder picked up through your course, or had to demonstrate in order to earn their credential. These might be things like "JavaScript", "Cost-Benefit Analysis", or any other skills that are recognizable and important for your credentials.

These learning outcomes are displayed on credentials below the "Skills / Knowledge" heading:

Adding Skills 1

This is optional information that helps give contextual information about your credentials, but is much more helpful if you are using the employment directory: third parties viewing your directory will be able to search through your credential-holders based on these skills.

Adding Skills 2

Adding Skills to a Group

If you have activated the employment directory, you'll see a notice on your Employment Directory settings to ensure that your Credential Groups have Skills so that your directory will be searchable.

For each of your credential groups:

1) Find the Skills & Market Insights link on each Group's settings.

2) For as many Skills (things like skills or pieces of knowledge gained needed to earn the credential), enter the name into the bar and hit "+" to add them one at a time.

Adding Skills 3

Remember to do this for each group so that all of your credentials will be searchable by skill in your directory!