A Quick Guide to the Analytics Overview

Analytics Overview

Recipient Analytics

Accredible tracks how many credentials you have sent, how many have been delivered, and how they have been interacted with. This information is useful to see how much value you are getting out of digital credentialing, and how you can change your messaging to see improvements in the engagement of your recipients.

Analytics Screen

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 11.37.53 AM

The analytics screen either lets you view overall statistics on one page (the counts for different activities like Downloaded a PDF, or Added to LinkedIn), or see the entire log of tracked events. You are able to set a visible date range so that you could compare engagement from two different months.
Bear in mind that we show analytics events for all credentials that happened that month, so if a recipient comes back to a credential a month later to download a PDF, that download will show in a different month than the credential being created.
You are also able to toggle the groups visible in the analytics to get insights on individual groups.

Exporting Analytics Data

You are able to export your analytics data at any time. We create and email you a spreadsheet of the data on screen according to your active filters. For instance, if you enter a date range of a month, and only select 2 credential groups, you will receive a spreadsheet of the analytics events from those 2 groups over the one month period.

Weekly Automatic Reporting

Accredible gives you a weekly email report of the engagement events during the week. If there are no events for the week, we won't send you this update. This is a summary that will help give you some of the insights, without having to really drill into the full analytics view.