An Introduction To Stacked Credentials

Stacked Credentials

What are they?

Stackable credentials are achievements that can be combined to form a larger achievement. For example: completing the courses Introduction to Accredible, Advanced Accredible and Promoting via Accrediblegives you the designation and badge Accredible Professional.

Our Stacked Credential triggers are used when you want to automate the issuing of a certificate or badge based on a student completing some pre-set criteria. 

For example: You have a course with 3 modules. You want your recipients to receive a badge for every module they complete, but, only get a certificate of course completion once all 3 module have been passed. You can use Stacked Credentials to automate the issuing of the course completion certificate.

When the Stacked Credentials box is ticked to 'on' in the group's settings, recipients will automatically receive a credential when they own a published credential in any/all pre-requisite groups that have been designated in the Stacked credential section.


Step 1: Create a group for each pre-requisite course/module (stackable credential) you want to use. Ensure the pre-requisite groups are set up as normal with descriptions, course links etc and then add the certificate/badge designs you want to use for each one.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.21.49 PM

Step 2: Create a new group for the Stacked Credential. In the settings of this group scroll down to the bottom and click the box to activate Stacked Credentials usage.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.22.15 PM

Step 3: Add in the credential prerequisites. In the example above I added in all three of my newly created module groups. You can set as many prerequisites as you like and can give a choice in what needs to be completed.

Then select a date that you want these to start being published. If you want them to be sent out immediately, select today's date. Or, if you want you can set them to be sent at a preferred future date, like the day the course ends.

Step 4: Add a certificate/badge design to your prerequisite group so that it is ready to start issuing. Here's mine:

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.22.50 PM

Step 5: You're done! Now you just need to wait until a recipient fulfills the pre-requisite criteria you have set.

Full Example

I have added some data to show this process in action. So, in the example below, we can see that a recipient has received a badge for all three pre-requisite groups.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.23.18 PM

And as such, they have matched our Stacked Credential rules and have been automatically issued a course completion certificate in our Stacked Credential group.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.23.47 PM

Please note: It can take up to 24 hours for the system to auto-create a credential based on your stacked credential rules. If you are still not seeing a credential in your Stacked Group after this, please re-check that your rules are correct and also ensure that the recipient has used the exact same email address for all pre-requisite credentials. As their e-mail address is the unique identifier that the system uses for matching and issuing Stacked Credentials across groups.