What is a Stacked Credential? How Do I Set One Up?

If you want to encourage your recipients to take more of your courses, why not reward them with an additional credential when they have earned a specific set of credentials?

This feature is available on our Connect and Growth Plans.

What are Stacked Credentials?

Stackable credentials are achievements that can be combined to form a larger achievement. 

Our Stacked Credential triggers are used when you want to automate issuing a certificate or badge based on a student completing some pre-set criteria. 

For example, you have a course with three modules. You want your recipients to receive a badge for every module they complete but only get a course completion certificate once all three modules have been passed. You can use Stacked Credentials to automate the issuing of the course completion certificate.

How to Set-Up a Stacked Credential

  1. Go to 'Groups' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard.
  2. Create a new group, setting it with the certificate and/or badge that you would like to award to your recipients when they have fulfilled all of the prerequisites.
  3. Go to 'Advanced Settings' in the left-hand sidebar menu, then Stacked Credential.
  4. Toggle on the Stacked Credential Setting.
  5. Under 'Prerequisites,' click the '+Add Prerequisite' button and add the groups that your recipients must earn a credential from first before being issued the stacked credential. You must pick at least two groups.
  6. Click 'Save.'

Decide When the Stacked Credential is Published

If you want your stacked credential to be automatically issued on a certain day after the prerequisites have been fulfilled, enter a date into the 'Publish credentials after' date field on this page.

If you want the credentials to issue automatically as soon as the prerequisites are fulfilled, leave the 'Publish credentials after' date field blank.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for Accredible's system to auto-create a credential based on your stacked credential rules. If you are still not seeing a credential in your Stacked Group after this, please check your rules are correct and ensure that the recipient has used the exact same email address for all pre-requisite credentials. Their e-mail address is the unique identifier that the system uses for matching and issuing Stacked Credentials across groups. 

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