How do My Company's Analytics Compare to Average?

Your Accredible Analytics Dashboard is crammed full of useful information, but how do your credential metrics measure up?

The Metrics

Credential Visit Rate

This is the rate of recipients that click on the link in their email to view their credentials.

Share Rate

This is the rate of recipients who share their credentials to any social network using the credential view tools. This metric does not count the number of times a credential is shared, only the percentage of credentials that are shared. 

Accredible is only able to report on credentials that are shared using tools on the credential view. It is not possible to report on credentials that recipients manually share to social networks.

Referral Rate

This is the rate of credentials that result in a click-through directly to the issuer’s website.

Average by Industry

The table below shows average rates for the 14 main issuing industries on Accredible.

  Credential Visit Rate Share Rate Referral Rate
Awarding Body 60% 21% 6%
Bootcamp 68% 33% 9%
CPD 66% 6% 3%
Events 47% 8% 0%
Government 65% 13% 5%
Higher Education 63% 18% 6%
Internal Corporate Training 55% 5% 2%
Language Training 61% 6% 5%
Online Courses 61% 18% 7%
Platforms 62% 32% 7%
Product Training 58% 27% 10%
Professional Associations 61% 18% 9%
Professional Certifications 61% 19% 7%
Professional Development 57% 24% 5%

Delivery Rate

This is the rate of successful email deliveries to your recipients. This metric is not industry-dependent.

Successful delivery is defined when our outbound delivery system has confirmation from the recipient's email server that the email has reached their account. 

The current average delivery rate is 99%.

Spam Filters: We cannot account for when emails are successfully delivered to recipients' accounts but subsequently filtered to the spam folder. 

If you send Accredible Emails through any other SMTP server: Our outbound delivery system cannot register bounced emails if you send Accredible Emails through any other SMTP server. 


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