Creating a Certificate Design

A Certificate Design is the basis for a good digital certificate. Here you control the overall appearance of your certificate and what kind of information will feature on it.

Edit an Existing Design

Click on 'Designs' at the top of your Accredible Dashboard. You will then see in the Designs overview all of your certificates designs that you currently have.

Hover your mouse over the design you would like to edit and two icons will appear; a pencil and a garbage can. Click on the pencil icon to edit this design.

Opening the Certificate Designer

Click on 'Designs' at the top of your Accredible Dashboard. If your account is new this section will appear empty, but that will soon change as you go about creating beautiful designs for your certificates.

Next, click on the 'Create Certificate Design' button at the top right-hand corner of the page. This will open the Certificate Designer.

Templates and Designs

The 'My Designs' Tab - Copy an Existing Certificate Design

If you have created or used any designs already you can use these as a template for a new design. By clicking on any of the templates in the 'My Designs' tab you are copying that original and then editing the copy. This is a great way of being able to quickly create lots of similar-looking designs with minor variations.

The 'Templates' Tab

There are over 40 templates to choose from and they are a great way to get started without having to devote too much time and effort to create a design from scratch.

In the left-hand sidebar menu click on the 'Templates' tab. You will then see all of the templates that Accredible has pre-made for you, arranged into size and orientation. Select a template of your choosing under the orientation you want to use.

Uploading Your Own Design

If you already have a certificate background image which has beautifully designed and branded, you absolutely can. Make sure that the image you want to upload is the correct size and orientation for the certificate design you are using, are article to help you with this is here: Recommended Certificate Background Image Sizes.

Important Note: Don't be tempted to upload a massive background image because you think the added number of pixels will make your certificate look better. The truth is there won't be much of a difference in image quality, your certificates will always take longer to load on to any webpage and you run the risk of the PDF render crashing and failing if your recipient wants to download their certificate. Trust us on this one, it's not worth it.

To upload the image go to the 'Document' tab and using the 'Upload New Image' button, select the image you wish to use. Upload Background Image

Adding Attributes

If you are unfamiliar with attributes, to find out more about what they do you can read our article called A Guide to Attributes.

Pre-made Accredible templates come with the main attributes that you will need already placed on the design; the recipient name, the course name, the credential ID, and the issue date.

If you wish to add another attribute onto your design, such as the Expiry Date attribute, click on the 'Attributes' tab on the left-hand sidebar menu. In the list of attributes click on 'Expiry Date' and it will be dropped into the top left-hand corner of your design. Drag and drop the attribute to anywhere you like on the design. A blue tag will then appear next to that attribute in the attributes menu to say that it is now in use on your design.

Drop Attribute

Formatting the Text

You can easily format the text within the design so that it matches your brand colors or font. To do this, select a text element, when you do so you will see that new options appear in the toolbar above. Using these you can do things like change the color, change the font, change the size, center the text and other useful formatting tools.

Remember, you can also edit the text appearance of the attributes so that when the populate with the relevant information it will appear in the size and style that you want.

Important Note: Some of your recipients or courses may have very long names and risk running outside of their text box and overlapping other information on your certificate. Make sure to enable 'Text Scaling' on these attributes. That way no matter how long the name is it will be re-sized to fit inside the textbox boundaries.

1. Select the textbox you wish to text scale

2. Click the 'Size' button at the top of the designer

3. In the tool that appears, under Auto-Scaling check the box that says 'Enable text scaling'

Adding Images

Add a Logo

You can add your logo to the template design, or any other custom image that you wish.

We've placed a 'YourLogoHere' image on the template design as a suggestion of where to place your logo.  To start with you can delete this placeholder by selecting it and clicking on the bin icon. 

In the left-hand sidebar menu click on the 'Images' tab and use the 'Upload New Image' button to select your logo file or other images you would like to include on your design.

Once added in you can drag to resize and place your logo wherever you like on your design.

Add a Signature

Adding a signature of a company stakeholder to the certificate gives gravitas and validity to the certificate. 

The quickest and easiest way to add in a signature is to write the signature on white paper using a dark-colored pen, then scan or photograph the signature.

Once the image file of the signature is on your computer you will need to crop it to remove as much of the excess space around the signature as possible. Then you can add the signature image into the certificate design just like you did with the logo. 

Don’t forget to delete John Doe’s signature!

It's also possible to have different signatures appear on a certificate design! So if your course had two different teachers and you wanted one teacher's signature to appear on half the certificates and the second teachers to appear on the other half, you can do this without having to have two different certificate designs and groups. To find out more read our article A Guide to Image Attributes.

Add a QR Code

This feature will help recipients direct people viewing printed and PDF versions of their certificate back to the credential view webpage, which will help to verify it's authenticity and increase engagement for your company.

To add this feature to your design go to the 'QR Code' tab and click the 'Add QR Code' button. This will drop a generic QR code image into the top left-hand corner of your design which you can then drag and drop to wherever you like.

You can even change the colors of the QR code to better suit the certificate design or branding. The two colors need to be contrasting otherwise they will not scan properly. There is a handy bar tool at the top of the Designer which will tell you if the color combination you have chosen will scan or not.

Important Note: The background color needs to be light and the foreground needs to be dark. If you swap these the QR code will not scan.

Drop QR Code

When credentials are published using this design the generic QR code image will be replaced with a unique, active QR code.

Important Note: If the live credential is set to private it will not be viewable or verifiable.

Resize or Reorientate your Design

You may decide half-way through that you would prefer your design to be a different orientation, or you realized that it should be in US-Letter size, not A4. No problem.

Go to the 'Document' tab in the left-hand sidebar menu and select which size or orientation you would prefer your design to be. If you have used one of Accredible's premade templates the design will resize automatically. However, if you have used your own background image you will need to upload a new version of your background image with the new dimensions.

High-Quality Printing

If you want your certificates to look particularly spectacular when printed, make sure to check the 'Enable HQ PDF for printing' box in the 'Document' tab. A background image of 3418 x 2668 pixels is required for HQ PDF production.

Name & Save Your Design 

You will not be able to save your design until it has a name. Add a name to your certificate design in the box at the top of the page then, when you’re happy with how it looks, hit 'Save and Close'.

What's Next?

Now that first certificate design is ready you can move on to creating a group. Click here to find out how.

If you would like to design a badge to sit alongside your certificate, click here for the Quick Start guide on how to add a badge design.

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