Customize Recipient's Social Sharing

Customizing your recipients' social sharing

To manage your social media settings go to the top righthand corner of your dashboard where your organization name is and from the dropdown menu select 'Department Settings'. From here, go to 'Branding' on the lefthand side.

You will want to add your social accounts to drive traffic towards your online presence, including people interested in your course offerings, as well as changing the information that shows up when credentials are shared by your recipients.

Watch the video for a quick explanation and walkthrough.

Linking your social accounts

Once in Branding, you should paste in your Facebook and LinkedIn URLs, and your twitter username. See the video above for an example of entering this information

Customizing shared information

Also on this page, you can customize the default messages and content sent/written when a recipient shares their credential online. You can customize the default Tweet a credential recipient will send out and the information that is visible underneath a link to a credential that shows up in a Google search.

You should: enter the page title and description on the fields provided. You can use attributes like [course_name], [course_description], [issue_date], [expiry_date], [recipient_name] in order to customize the message that is displayed specifically to each credential. The information visible for every credential will pull data from the certificate or badge that is being shared.