Department Settings Explained

Department settings

These are the major features you can change about your Accredible Department.

You can access these settings by clicking the 'Settings' link in the dropdown menu below your name in the navigation bar at the top of your screen, provided your account has permission to access your department settings.

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Department Settings

Name - this is the name of your organization, as it will appear internally - your team members will be a part of this organization. Your organization name will also appear underneath credentials you issue, so viewers can tell who issued the credential.

Website - where your organization name will also appear underneath credentials you issue, viewers will be able to click your organization name and be directed to this page. This is a good way to generate referral traffic to your website.

Certification Authority - if your organization has a name you'd like to appear as the Certification Authority on LinkedIn, this field can be optionally be provided for your credential recipients to enter.

Support Contact (See Email settings)

You are able to optionally specify a Support Contact, who will receive name change requests from your recipients - should they be requested. If we have any other questions that come up about your certificate designs, or your data, this is the person we will contact.

Support Contact Name - the name of your optional Support Contact.

Support Contact Name - the email of your optional Support Contact.

Support Contact Phone - the phone number of your optional Support Contact.

Organization Logo

Your Organization Logo will appear internally to help differentiate between different organizations if your account is set up with more than one organization. It will also show up on your verification directory, if you have opted to use it, and potentially other features visible to credential recipients.

Organization Logo - upload an image at least 160px x 160px with a transparent background (PNG works well) in order to ensure the best usage across our platform.

Credential Options

These options affect the delivery and experience of receiving an Accredible credential, so are very important to understand and select the option right for your organization.

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Automatically Send Emails - Accredible will send emails to your recipients (which you can customize through the dashboard) that informs recipients where to find their credential.

Note: you should likely only turn this off if you manually email your recipients or you are using a learning platform which already automatically emails your recipients when they earn their credential.

Set to Private by Default - credentials you send to your credential recipients will not be visible to anyone else by default - only the owner. Your recipients will not be able to effectively share their achievement to social media, link to their credential, or be visible in the recipient directory without changing the privacy setting to public.

Hide Credential from Search Engines - credentials you issue should not be indexed by search engines and so will not turn up in Google (or other search engine) searches. 

Note: If you have previously had this ON and then switched OFF, it will take a couple of days for your credentials to no longer show up in searches.

Restrict Typo Self-Correction - normally, your recipients can correct a name change of only a letter or two. We will automatically correct their name under the assumption that this is a simple typo. More complicated name change requests will always require your approval. Turn this off to approve any and all recipient name change requests. If you have designated a Support Contact, they will receive these requests.

Credential Language - select the default language for all credentials you issue.