Embed Your Credential - Image Only

Credential Image embedding

You can quickly and easily insert an image of your credential into your webpage or blog post by using the image.

Having Trouble?

- In order to embed your image, into a webpage, you need to provide a source URL. Make sure that your <img src=""> points towards whichever image URL you want to use (the badge or image).

- You won't be able to copy and paste this image into something like a word document, because it is an online image.

- If you're having trouble with a specific embed scenario, let us know what platform you are using. Please make sure that you are able to specify an image address on the platform you are attempting to embed to.


1) Go to your credential page and click the "</> Embed Credential" option that appears in the left sidebar:

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 2.21.48 PM

2) In the pop-up window, click the 'Credential Image' option to get the specific information you'll need.

3) You'll see two options:

If your credential has a badge, you will be able to copy the URL of your badge image. If your credential has a certificate design, you will be able to copy the URL of the certificate image. If your credential does not have one of these designs set, it will appear disabled.

Copy the location text of the image you want - the URL - and embed it anywhere you like.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 2.22.20 PM

4) You can use this to insert your image into a blog post or web page that you have access to.