FAQs about Accredible Badges

FAQS about Accredible Badges

Are Accredible badges compatible with Open Badges?

Yes,  Accredible badges can be used anywhere that accepts the open badge Format. 

What Format does my badge image need to be in?

Badges ideally need to be in PNG format and should be square. The resolution should be at least 256 x 256 pixels. You should take in to consideration that these badges are displayed at various sizes, so its important that your image can scale both down or up in size. 

Can I issue a recipient both a badge and a certificate? 

Yes, badges and certificates are viewed in Accredible as a visual representation of achieving a credential. So you can easily issue either a certificate, a badge or both to one recipient for each credential the achieve. 

How much do Badges cost on Accredible?

Badges and certificates are viewed as an output of a credential within Accredible. You will only pay one Accredible Credit per recipient email address that is registered on our website. Thus it costs only one credit to issue both a certificate and a badge to a recipient. The cost of these credits varies depending on the amount purchased. 

For a full breakdown of our costs please click here