Canvas Integration

It's easy to integrate Accredible with your Canvas LMS instance. You can find our eduappcenter app page here:

Our integration with Canvas LMS will:

  • Add a Placement for teachers within a course so they can click on the link and automatically be logged in to their Accredible account.
  • Add a Placement for students within a course and on their profile so that they can click on the link and automatically be authorized to view and update their certificates and badges.
  • Automatically sync your Canvas courses (where the Placement is visible) with Accredible.
  • Automatically sync Canvas course graduates with Accredible so you can manually or automatically deliver them to students.
  • Let you select when a student should receive a certificate or badge based upon course completion, grade or score.

Video walkthrough of the installation and usage:

We're actively developing this Canvas integration and are always looking for feedback & suggestions. Please let us know what you'd like to see at


During the installation you'll be switching between your Canvas LMS instance and this Accredible Settings page:

If you need assistance with your installation email us:

Developer Key:

To sync data automatically we need a developer key. If running your own Canvas instance then generate a developer key:

  1. In Canvas, under the menu on the left side bar, the site administrator can select 'Admin' and then the account they would like to use.
  2. In the left-side menu click 'Developer Keys'.
  3. Add a new developer key and call it 'Accredible'. Enter an ownership email and then a Redirect URI (not legacy) which you can find here: (Canvas Redirect URI). Click 'Save Key'.
  4. Copy the ID and Key from this new key onto the Developer Key ID and Developer Key Secret fields here:
  5. Finally enter the URL of your Canvas instance (such as into the URL field here:
  6. Click 'Save Now'.

If you're not running your own Canvas instance instead head over to and click "I'm not running my own Canvas Instance".

App installation:

  1. In Canvas, under the menu on the left side bar, the site administrator can select 'Admin' and then the account they would like to use.
  2. Click 'Settings' in the left menu and then select the 'Apps' tab at the top. 
  3. When in the apps center, the site administrator can search for the Accredible external application in the search bar on the right side.
  4. Clicking on the application selects it and gives the option to add the tool to the Canvas apps center.
  5. In the configuration screen under the heading configuration type, the site administrator will select By URL from the drop down menu.
  6. In the configuration URL field right below that menu, input the following link:
  7. Visit to find your consumer key and shared secret from Accredible. Input these into the form. Name the app ‘Accredible’.
  8. Refresh a course page and you’ll see the Placement. Click ‘Accredible’ to visit the dashboard and see the synchronized data.
  9. Visit an individual group within your Accredible account and click 'Group Settings'. Scroll down to 'Canvas Integration Settings' and choose whether you'd like students to receive a certificate based on their final grade, score or upon course completion. You may also select whether to automatically publish their credentials upon creation. Click 'Save Group Settings' when you've selected the appropriate options.



  • To disable the data synchronization for a course simply hide the Placement for that course.
  • Make sure you add teachers and other Canvas admins via their email address to the Accredible account you connect. Otherwise we won’t be able to give teachers access to edit and update credentials.
  • You’ll need to create or select a certificate or badge design before being able to send a credential for a course.
  • Credentials will be unapproved when the data is first transferred to Accredible because we don't have a certificate design or badge design for the groups that Canvas created. Once you've assigned a design to a group new credentials will be automatically published.
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