How to Name Credential Groups

What are Course Name and Group Identifier?

A credential group can be named anything you like using the course name field. It will be displayed on certificate designs and in the information section that gives more information about the credential. It is the publicly visible name of a group.

You can also use the group identifier for your own reference on the dashboard. If you use course codes or an accreditation number for your groups, this is a good way to ensure that all of your credential groups on the Accredible dashboard are kept organized.

It's important to note that if you have the [Group.course_name] attribute in use on the certificate design that this group is using, then whatever you have as the course name will automatically be pulled into the certificate design and used in the text box when a certificate is created.

As such it's important that you name your group with the appropriate language that you want to see appearing on the certificate


Here's an Example:

Here, we've entered 'Accredible Group Creation For Beginners' as the course name and 'Group creation 101' as the group identifier.

Below is an example of the above group details pulling into the [course_name] placeholder on certificate in this group:


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