Attributes Dictionary

Issuer Attributes - These are attributes that are linked to your details as an issuer. - Adds the Accredible account name into the certificate.


Group Attributes - These are things that can be added from data set at a group settings level.

Group.Course_Name - Adds the group name to the certificate

Group.Course_Description - Adds the group description to the certificate


Recipient Attributes - These are attributes that are linked to the recipients information. - Adds the recipients full name - Use this to add a space for your own unique recipient ID like a student number or association ID - Adds the recipients email address


Credential Attributes - Attributes that are specifically linked to the credential you are issuing - Adds the recipients unique Accredible certificate ID

credential.issue_on - Adds the date the credential was issued on

credential.expiry_date - Adds the date the credentials expire on 

credential.grade - Adds a grade onto the certificate


Custom Attributes - Attributes that you have added yourself. These could be literally anything you want. 


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