Edit the Credential Description

What is the Course Description?

The course description is a description of the learning the credential holder will have, as a holder of your credential. It helps communicate to anyone your recipients share their credential with understand the significance of your credentials.

The course description is set at the time of creating a group, but can be edited at any time.

It is displayed below a certificate, or beside a badge - if you are using a badge for this group:


Editing the Course Description

  1. Log into your Accredible account
  2. Hover over 'Groups' in the top menu
  3. Select the Group you want to edit the description for 
  4. Under your 'Information and Appearance' section, you will see a box for the group description. Edit it as you wish and then hit save in the bottom right hand corner. 

 The course description will be updated on all certificates that are live in this group. 



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