How much does Accredible cost?

Pricing Plans

Accredible has a variety of price plans depending on the size on the of your organization. The cost of the plan you choose is your base cost. The biggest factor in cost is the number of credentials you need to publish per year:


Each plan allows you to issue up to the number of 'Credentials included per year' without any additional fees. 



If you do exceed the number of 'Credentials included per year', not to worry. You can continue creating credentials with no service interruptions by paying for your 'overage'.

Each additional credential you publish beyond your annual allowance, will be charged at a specific rate depending on your plan. Paying overage on any of our plans should never be more expensive than the next plan - you have a buffer where paying overage is still cheaper than upgrading plans if you issue more or less than you expect. If you're ever getting close to the point where you're paying a total cost as much as the next plan, we will let you know so you can upgrade.


Additional Features

Some features of Accredible are included with larger plans by default. If you want access to a premium feature like the ability to add team member accounts to log in and help manage your credential data, designs, or settings, you can add this on. If you want greater control over the branding of the experience, we can help set up Accredible credentials at your domain name. If you want to allow third-parties to be able to type in some information about a credential and verify your credentials in a directory, you can add that feature as well.

These features are all available on 'Professional' and 'Enterprise' plans.


You can see our full pricing table here

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