Thinkific Issuer FAQ's


Do I need to buy Credits?

No. As long as you are on the correct plan with Thinkific to send completion certificates, then you will get 500 credits to use as you wish. 


Why am I only seeing 10 credits available in my account?


This is most likely because you have signed up to a new account and have not used the log in details that Thinkific have generated for you, these log in details are the key to the integration working and to you getting you free credits. Click here to see how to access your correct log in details.


I did the above but I am still only seeing 10 credits

This is due to your browser caching and remembering the old information. Follow these steps to solve this issue:

1) Log out of all Accredible sessions you have open

2) Clear your browser cache. The process for this is different for each browser but instructions are available via a quick Google search and its a quick, straight forward process. 

3) quite and re-launch your browser.

4) Re-log into Accredible with the thinkific generated log in details. 

These steps should solve the issue. 






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