User Permissions

There are varying levels of permission that can be granted to the individuals that you invite to join your organization's Accredible account. You can choose exactly what level of permission your users have when interacting with your credentials.


4 Permission Levels:

Admin - An administrator who has unrestricted access to all areas of the account. Only this permission level has access to billing and new user invitation. 

Creator - A user who can issue, amend & view all credentials within the credential groups that they have access to. They can also create new credential groups and design certificates.

Editor - A user who can only manage and make amendments to credentials that have already been issued within credential groups they have access to. No ability to design certificates, create credential groups or issue new credentials.

Viewer - A user who can only view credentials within credential groups they have access to. No ability to create or amend certificates. 


Permission Groups

You can also create groups of credentials that a team member can have different levels of access to. For example: a team member might be able to View credentials in one group, and Edit credentials in another. Click here to learn more about Permission Groups. 

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