Permission Groups

Permission groups allow you to quickly sort which Credential Groups should be accessible to your team members. You can manage your permission groups in the Team Permissions tab. To add a new permission group follow these steps:

1) Log into your Accredible account - please note, only account admins can edit these settings

2) Hover over you name in the top right hand corner and click 'settings' from the drop down menu

3) Select the "Team Permissions" tab

4) Click the '+ Add a Permission Group' button

5) On the right hand side, enter the permission groups name in the box that has popped up and hit create.

6) You will see that the group is now added to the permission groups section to the left. Find the permission group you just created and click the circle menu next to it. Then select "group settings"


7) Once in the settings for the permission group, first of all, lets select the users we want to add to this permission group. Just hit the '+ Add a user' button, select the correct user and then set their permission access (Learn more about permission access here)


8) Now lets decide what credential groups they can have access to. You will see a full list of your credential groups on the right hand side of the Permission Groups Settings page. Just tick the box next to each credential group you want these users to have access to.

9) And you're done. That Permission Group is now set up and ready to use. Any users you added  will immediately be bound by the accessibility rules you set. 

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