Guide 4 - Customize your Emails

In this guide we are going to look at how you can customize the emails that are sent to your recipients. We’ve given you the option to either send our standard default templates or customize the content and appearance as much as you like. In this guide we’ll just make some minor changes to the appearance and content so you can start to get a feel for how emails work in Accredible. 

You can manage all Emails that are sent out by clicking the ‘Emails’ tab in the top menu. You have the choice to either send a standard template for all groups or you can customize specific email templates for specific groups. 

Our default template Emails are designed to work ‘out of the box’ so if you aren’t interested in amending these emails you can skip this lesson and move onto the next guide by clicking here


Part 1 - Email Appearance


First off, lets look at changing the overall appearance of the emails that are sent. In this step we’re going to add some of your branding into the emails appearance so make sure you have a high quality logo available. You may also need the Hex codes for your companies brand colors if you want to be precise. 

To amend the appearance of the emails we need to get into the email appearance editor. To do this, select the ‘Emails’ tab from the top menu then select the ‘Appearance’ tab.




Add your logo

First off lets add your company logo: 

1. Select the top part of the Email where the Accredible logo is currently, then select the Accredible logo and hit backspace to delete it. 

2. Now click the insert image button from the sub menu. It is highlighted in the screenshot below.


3. Find your logo and upload it, then hit ‘Insert’ to add it into the header box. (you may need to resize it by dragging from the bottom right hand corner.) Use the ‘align’ tool in the sub menu to centre your logo. 


Background Color

You can also change the colour of the email by using the right hand 'Appearance settings' Menu. To do this simply either paste the hex code of your brands color into the ‘Background Color’ box or use our color picker to select your color. 




Text font & Color 

You can amend the font & color of the text to better match your branding. Just scroll down to the ‘Main content’ section in the right hand menu and select the font you like from the font drop down menu and then select the ‘Text Color’ box to choose your color. Again, you can either use a hex code or the color picker. 


Call to Action Button & Text Color 

Finally lets go ahead and amend the Call to Action (CTA) button. The CTA button is used to drive your recipients to commit a certain action so we want it to stand out. Here’s some examples:


To amend the colour of the button just select the ‘CTA BG Colour’ box in the right hand menu and add the colour you prefer. Then select the ‘CTA Color’ box next to it and choose your CTA - Text color.  Finally you can amend the size the button by increasing or decreasing the ‘CTA radius’.


Hopefully, that gives you a bit of an idea of how the email appearance editor works. As you can see there are a lot more options available for customization so feel free to keep playing around with the appearance until you are happy! Make sure to hit ‘Save email design’ in the bottom right hand corner when you’re done!


Part 2 - Email Content

Now that we have the appearance of the emails complete, let’s take a look at editing some of the content that is sent. If you click ‘Emails’ in the top menu it will take you to the email template list. In this example were just going to make some very basic changes to the “Recipient - Certificate Delivery’ Email. 

Please note: If you are only sending badges or if you are sending both a certificate and a badge it might be best to edit either the “Recipient - Badge Delivery’ or the ‘Recipient - Certificate and Badge Delivery’ email templates. As these are the emails that will be sent out respectively in those cases.

Okay, so lets click on the template that we want to edit. This will take us into the template editor. 


Change the subject line 

Getting an email opened is the first step in getting your receipts to engage with the credential you have sent them, so its really important that you use a subject line that is short, succinct, trustworthy and also that potentially focuses on your call to action. Here are some examples:

  • Add your [insert company name] Credential to Linkedin
  • Share your [insert company name] Badge on Facebook  now
  • Your new [insert company name] Certificate is made for sharing
  • Tweet your new [insert company name] badge

To edit the subject line simply click in the subject box at the top of the email, delete the old text and type away! 


Change the Text content

You know your audience better than us, so we’re not going to tell you what will engage them most, but it is always worth adding some tailored text and we normally recommend that you again ensure you are mentioning your call to action and its benefits to the recipient. 


To edit the text simply double click into the box you would like to edit/add text for and type away! You can amend some of the basic formatting using the sub-menu at the top of the block but most of the formatting will be pulled from the appearance settings we amended earlier. 


Customize your Call-To-Action button

 You can easily amend, edit or add as many call to action buttons as you like to the email. However, we’d recommend that less is more in this department as having a single solid call to action is far more effective than having lots of engagement messages.  

You’ll see that currently your email already has a call to action button which reads “view my certificate”. So, let’s go ahead and add a new CTA button. In this example I am going to add a button that encourages my recipients to share the certificate on Twitter. 

1. Decide where you want the button to appear in the email, select the section and move the cursor into place.

2. Then click on the Attribute button (highlighted below) in the sub-menu. Select the link you want to add to the button. Here’s a key of what each Attribute link will do. 

  • [credential.facebook_url] - Shares the credential on Facebook
  • [credential.twitter_url] - Shares the credential on Twitter
  • [credential.linkedin_url] - Directs the recipients on how to add the credential to Linkedin


If you want to link to another website, like your course page for example just manually type out the URL. 

3. Next, select the format button (highlighted below) in the top left of the sub-menu, scroll down until you see ‘Call to Action - Links’ and select this. You will then see that your link is now wrapped in a button, which also will have taken the formatting & color that we chose in the appearance editor. 


If you’re adding the new CTA directly next to another CTA like “View my certificate”, that is already set up, you can skip this step as the link will automatically follow the lines formatting and be wrapped into a button.


5. Finally, we just need to edit the writing within the button. To do this just select the button and click “edit” and then type in your chosen CTA text into the “Text” section. Remember it should be succinct and really push the recipient to complete the action. Here’s mine: 



That’s it! All being well, your email now has a great subject line, a clear concise CTA and looks great too. Again, feel free to play around with the template editor and to add/remove anything that you like. Once you’re done remember to hit save in the bottom right hand corner. 


Make sure to have a look through some of your other messages as well, just in case there is anything else you want to customize. 


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