Guide 3 - Add a Badge Design

So, Digital Open Badges - What are they? For those not in the know, a badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. Digital Open Badges are an online standard for recognizing and verifying learning. They allow recipients to use an image to quickly show off their skills and achievements.


At Accredible we are output agnostic, meaning that you can display your recipients credentials in a number of formats. So you can choose to display a certificate, a badge or both on the credential page. 


Here’s an example:


149736035232.png    demo_badge_4_copy.png


Designing your badge


There isn’t a badge designer directly within Accredible that you can use to create your badge so you will need to use either your in-house design team, photoshop or a 3rd party designer.


The badge image must be square and at least 256x256 pixels in size.


This help page talks your through the specifications and offers some hi-resolution files you can use for your badge: 


Upload your badge 


Once you have the image prepared and ready to go just follow these steps to add the badge to your chosen group:


  1. Select ‘Groups’ from the top menu
  2. Select the group you want to add the badge for
  3. Click the ‘Badge Design’ Tab
  4. Select ‘Upload Badge Image’ and then select the image you want to upload 
  5. Then click ‘Save Badge Design’ in the bottom right hand corner and you're done!



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