Guide 5 - Customize your Account Settings

In this guide we are going to go through your settings and customize a few things so that you get the most out of the Accredible platform. As usual, Accredible will work with the 'out of the box' settings but we recommend taking some time to make a few tweaks.

Add your basic details & your logo

To find the settings section, simply hover over your name in the top right hand corner and select ‘Department Settings. (image 1)

Go ahead and start filling in this first page. You should add in any missing company details. In the Emails tab at the top of your dashboard, fill in the Emails section, we will use these details to either contact you or forward any support we receive from your recipients that we can’t solve on our own.  (image 2)

You should also upload your logo. This will appear in certain public facing places like your verification directory (should you choose to use it ).



Customize your Recipient Experience

Now lets head to the ‘Recipient Experience’ tab in the settings menu. Here you can customize the features that are either publicly viewable, require login or are disabled for recipients on their credential page. This includes things like Privacy settings, Sharing features, being able to download a PDF etc 

As this is so specific to each issuer I am not going to make any recommendations here, though best practice is normally to keep everything public, you have the option to amend things if you wish. 

The right hand side of the page will update a preview to show how the credential page will look with the changes you have made.

Watch this short video for more information on customizing the recipient experience:


Link your social channels 

 Finally let’s click on the Branding tab. Go ahead and fill in your Twitter Username and Facebook & Linkedin URL’s. This will mean that your brands follow links are added to all credentials that you send. 

You can also add in a custom twitter message and tweak the content that will be seen when a credential is shared/seen on Facebook or search engines. These are both optional. If left blank we will add our default messages. 


This is not an exhaustive list of the settings that can be customized but is just the bare minimum we suggest you complete to get your account started. Feel free to explore the settings section and amend anything else that suits you.


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