Introduction to our Getting Started Guides

Welcome to Accredible! 

Accredible is an online platform that can help you manage, host and issue your credentials. You can use Accredible to issue both Digital Certificates and Digital Badges to your recipients.

Here's a live example:



Whether you’re making the switch from paper certificates, moving from in-house production or just starting a new course from scratch our getting started guide will hand hold you through the whole process of setting up your Accredible account from sign-up to issuing your first batch of digital credentials. 


In this guide you will learn to:


  • Create new groups to hold credentials
  • Design a certificate & add a badge design
  • Setup & customize your delivery emails
  • Customize your settings
  • Prepare your data & issue a batch of credentials


Before we start

First things first, if you haven't already, you are going to need to sign up for an Accredible account here. Signing up is free and you start with 10 credits which you can use straight away. 

Just fill in the brief details required, verify your email and then come back to this page for the next steps. 


There's a few things you might need to complete this guide, here's a list before you start.

  • High resolution company logo
  • Company branding color codes / hex codes
  • Some recipient data 


Have all that? Then let's get started!


Click here to start the first Guide: Creating a Group


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