Guide 6b - Issue a batch of Credentials - Spreadsheet Upload

Spreadsheet upload

To upload using a spreadsheet follow these steps:

1. Select ‘Groups’ from the top menu

2. Select the group that you want to issue for

3. Click on the ‘Create Credentials’ tab in the groups menu. 

4. Next, let’s download a spreadsheet template that will give you the headers till fill in your attribute data. To do this just click the “Download Spreadsheet Template” button. A CSV file will be added to your downloads

5. Fill in the required data and save the file in either XLS or CSV format ready for upload. Here’s an example: 


Recipient Name Recipient Email  Issued on Grade Grade 2
James Brown 5/31/17 99 A
Chris Jones 5/31/17 60 C
Tammy Erringer 5/31/17 44 E
Caroline Best 5/31/17 70 B


6. Now head back to Accredible and click the “Upload Spreadsheet” button. Find the file and upload it. 


7. Once the spreadsheet has been validated you will need to assign the columns to the correct Attributes if the system couldn't recognise them outright. Hit next once you are done.


 8. Choose whether you would like to review these credentials or publish them immediately, as this is your first upload lets click the box next to “I would like to create 4 new credentials” and then hit continue.


9. Once the upload is complete (if your spreadsheet was large this could take some time) click “Review Credentials”. This will then take you to a view of all the unpublished credentials. This is your chance to make sure everything is displaying correctly and to check there aren’t any mistake before you publish. To see a preview of how one looks, click on its unique credential ID in the ID column.  




On the credential preview page you can amend any of the information that you added. So you can easily change the name, email, date or any other custom attribute data you added, if there are any mistakes. Once you’re happy, click on the group name above to go back to the credential view.

10. It’s time to publish your credentials! To do this, select the tick box next to the credentials or tick the box at the top to select all and then click ‘Publish’ and finally click ‘Confirm’. This will then send all recipients an email giving them access to the live credential. 


And that’s it! You’ve issued your first batch of Accredible credentials. Congrats!


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