Using an Alternate Brand

Why Would You Need an Alternate Brand?

Your organization has a default brand: a logo, a name, a link to your website, and social media accounts.

If your organization is especially large - maybe you offer professional training as well as courses in partnership with universities - or have some other combination of groups that offer courses. Sometimes, these different in-house programs use different logos, want to direct traffic to different pages, and use a different name that is specific to their brand.

If you have more than one in-house brand which should show up on different credentials, an alternate brand will be a convenient way for you to change that brand information everywhere it appears on Accredible - allowing you to use the same certificate and email designs without any extra work.


Where Is My Brand Visible?

1) On the credential information section present on every credential you issue:

1 - Your brand logo, 2 - Your brand's organization name, 3 - Your brand's webpage link, 4 - Your brand's twitter page, 5 - Your brand's facebook page, 6 - Your brand's linkedin page

2) Anywhere the issuer name or url attributes are referenced (certificate designs or email templates):

The [] attribute will be replaced everywhere with your brand's organization name.


Adding an Alternate Brand

By default your credential appearance will use the Organization Brand - information about your organization. Some of this information was entered when you signed up and some was likely added later. This is accessed on the 'Branding' tab of your settings.

To add an alternate brand, scroll below your Organization Brand and hit the large button to '+ Add an Alternate Brand'. This will bring up a form with the exact same fields as the Organization Brand for you to enter for the new Alternate Brand. You won't need to enter all of these fields if you don't have them, but the Name and Website are required for a brand, and the logo is strongly recommended, since it is a highly visual indicator of your brand.


Using an Alternate Brand

Once you have an alternate brand saved, you can specify which of your credential groups should display with that brand's information.

Navigate to your desired group's settings tab. On the 'Optional Settings', select your desired brand from the dropdown menu. NOTE: if you don't have at least one alternate brand, this option will not visible on your settings.

Hit 'Save Group Settings' and all of the credentials in this group will now display with the alternate brand information and have the issuer name and URL replaced on the certificate and email designs.




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