Bridge Integration Setup

It's easy to integrate Accredible with your Bridge LMS instance, though you'll need to contact Accredible support to get you started.

Our integration with Bridge LMS will:

  • Add a Placement to each Program, for logged in Authors to make changes to Accredible without having to login again.
  • Issue course completion credentials automatically for each Learner who completes all the requirements of a Program.
  • Automatically sync your Programs with your Accredible Groups.
  • Allow Authors to create, select, and update the design (digital badge or certificate) for each Program's credentials.

Video walkthrough of the installation and usage

We're actively developing this Bridge integration and are always looking for feedback & suggestions. Please let us know what you'd like to see at



Accredible and Bridge will setup your integration for you - some information needs to be exchanged by the support teams to securely link your Accredible and Bridge accounts, but this setup process is very fast, and does not require any maintenance from you in the future.



Initial Setup

In order to get the most out of your integration, you'll need to perform some account setup:


1) Verify that you have one credential group for each Program on your Bridge account.

*Your credential groups will be created automatically after support has linked your Bridge and Accredible accounts.*

Familiarize yourself with credential groups on Accredible and the options they present. A credential group controls the settings for credentials you issue - like the certificate design - and each credential group is created automatically for each Program on your Bridge Account.


2) Add your Authors as Team Members in Accredible

In order to let your other Authors access Accredible settings, you will have to add them to your Accredible account so they have permission. A logged in Author will see a notice that they do not have the appropriate permissions if they have not been added to your account. Do this on your Team Member Settings page.


3) Update Group Settings for each Credential Group

Each credential group on Accredible can potentially use different emails and certificate designs. You will need to go through each of the groups created on setup - for each of your Bridge Programs - to update these settings.

Inside each Program on Bridge, you'll have a convenient link to these group settings. This will open up your Accredible dashboard in a new browser tab.

In this example Program, an error is showing because this group does yet have a certificate or badge design. You will need to select at least one before you can issue credentials in this group.

After selecting a design:


Creating and Publishing Credentials

When your Learners on Bridge complete a program, a credential for them will automatically be created in the corresponding group on Accredible.

*By default, these credentials will not be published (live) and the Learners will not be notified until they are published.*

You can manually publish these credentials for greater control over when your Learners receive their credentials - this is the default setting. However, if you don't want to log in to Accredible periodically to publish newly created credentials, you will need to turn on auto-publishing. You will need to do this for every credential group on Accredible in the group settings. You may want to allow credentials to be created and sent for some of your Bridge programs, but not others, so you have the option at any time to turn this on or off for each group.



  • You’ll need to create or select a certificate or badge design before being able to send a credential for a course - you should do this setup on Accredible before enrolling Learners if possible.
  • Make sure you add teachers and other Bridge admins (authors) via their email address to the Accredible account you connect. Otherwise we won’t be able to give Authors access to edit and update credentials.
  • Credentials will be unapproved when the data is first transferred to Accredible because we don't have a certificate design or badge design for the groups that Canvas created. Once you've assigned a design to a group new credentials will be automatically published.
  • If you create a new Program on Bridge after integrating with Accredible, the Credential Group that gets created will not have auto-publish turned on automatically. You will need to open turn it on for each new group if you wish to have credentials for that new program automatically published and emailed to your Bridge Learners.


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