Credential Embedding Options

Your Accredible digital credential lets you embed your credential in several ways, so you can choose the method that makes the most sense for you. You can choose to embed the certificate or badge image into a webpage, embed the certificate or badge image into your email signature, or embed the entire live credential into a webpage.


Credential Image

Embedding a credential image lets you embed just the certificate or badge (depending on the appearance of your credential) into your own website or blog. It is a very convenient way to embed the appearance of your digital credential into another web page, without all of the options and extra information you'll see on the live version of your credential.

View the Credential Image Embed


Gmail + Outlook Signatures

Embedding your credential into your email signature gives you an image of your credential which will link back to your live digital credential from your email signature. The instructions for doing this depend on your email client, so we provide two different sets of instructions.

Instructions to embed your credential into your email signature can be found in the pop-up after clicking the "</> Embed Credential" option on your credential.


Full-Page Embed

The full-page credential embed lets you embed the entire credential page into another webpage. This might be useful if you want to show off all of the information about the achievement, including evidence or references, or you might be able to use this with an integration to provide a contained view of a user's credential inside another webpage.

View the Full-page Embed Instructions

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