Can you change the email that my certificate belongs to?

Yes! We just need you to confirm that you own both emails, so that someone else can't take possession of your certificate.


First, click on your name on the sidebar. On the menu that expands out, click 'Change Email'. If you are 'Not Logged In' you will have to verification code emailed to you to prove that you own the certificate. 


Next, you will be prompted to enter the new email that you would like to own the certificate. We will send a confirmation email to the new owner's email address, and you will have to sign in there and confirm. After confirming, your new email address will own the certificate.



If you have Accredible Certificates with more than one email, you can use this method to have one email control all of them!

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    Paul Morris

    How can you change the email address if you no longer have access to the original account?

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    Joanna Gagatko

    I've found just option to click: add to linkedin and then I could have add new email, but everything is done on site: is it the right way?


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