Can I upgrade my plan to be larger?

You can upgrade your monthly plan to receive more certificate credits at any time.

You'll be charged for the cost difference between your current plan and your new plan immediately upon upgrading. Your annual allowance will be increased and you will granted access to any account features which are included in your new plan, but were not part of your old plan.



For example, upgrading from the Basic plan to the Growth plan will cost $2400 for the year -payable when you make the upgrade, and will increase your credential limit to 10,000 for the year.

You will also gain access to team member accounts and permissions, which means you can invite people in your organization to help you create and edit certificate designs, email designs, and credentials - included in the cost of the new plan.

Your level of support coverage will also improve as a result of this switch from the Basic plan to the Growth plan.


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