Designing a Badge is a free badge design tool that Accredible provides to let you create badge images in your browser. We provide some default badge templates and icons for you to create your own, fully-customized badge image.

Here are some examples you can make with only the badge designer and your logo:


Creating a Good Badge Design

The sidebar to the left of your screen has pieces you can use in your design. Start by clicking on a Badge Template. You can also select Icons or a Ribbon to customize your design.

After choosing a badge template, you can edit its colors to match your branding. When the badge is selected, you will see the colors you can edit appear in the toolbar. Select and edit them to match your branding color scheme.

An icon may make sense as a watermark - you can change the transparency of your icon so that it blends into the background.

Add text to describe your program, achievement, or course:

Don't forget to add your logo! Add your logo so that your badge is specific to you. Click 'Upload Image' to select your logo image from your computer.


Here's our video walkthrough of how you can use the badge designer to design your badge: 




  • Make sure your logo is on the badge so that anyone can understand the achievement, even if they only see the badge.
  • Match the colors of your background image to your logo as best as you can, so your branding is clear and consistent.
  • Use icons to fill blank space, communicate a little bit extra about the achievement (like a level: 4 Stars), or as a watermark.



Creating Your Own Badge Graphic Off-line

You don't need to create a badge design using our badge designer, though it definitely helps if you don't have a lot of experience with an image editing program! You can create a badge image using a raster or vector graphics program - SVG or PNG are both acceptable image types. Bear in mind, when creating your image, your image will display at 320 x 320px and needs to be square. The shape or your badge doesn't need to be square, but the image must be - you can have a circular badge on a transparent square background.

We have some assets you can use to start your design (if beginning from scratch). If you can open the file, you should be able to easily edit their colors to match your branding.


Download the high resolution source files to use here:



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