An Introduction to Attributes

What is an Attribute?

Attributes are bits of data within your credential that you want to change depending on the person who is receiving the certificate, or the course they are taking. These could be things like Recipient_Name, Student_ID or Issue_Date.

Its best to think of these attributes as placeholders for the final bits of data you want to display.

The attribute tells the Accredible system where exactly this information will go on the certificate, but your data upload tells the system what should finally be displayed in place of that attribute.


What Attributes Can I Use?

There are many attributes you can choose to display on certificates that we already make available, course name and description, your organization name, or individual credential properties like the recipient's name. You can access your attributes via the Quick Actions menu under Manage Attributes.

Attributes also have types so that Accredible can ensure your data is going to work properly in every place you want to use it, and to give you additional options about how they display. For instance, all of the 'date type' attributes will allow you to choose the date format they will display with on certificates.


You can create custom attributes to display information that we don't provide by default. If you wanted to display information like "Credit Hours" of "Session Instructor", you can add an attribute (placeholder) so that this information can change on every certificate using the attribute.


How to Use Attributes

To insert an attribute into your design, you just need click the blue button labelled "Attribute" in the top menu of the design editor, then select the attribute you want to add onto your certificate design from the dropdown. You can select any of the attributes you have available - including your custom attributes - or you can add another custom attribute right from the designer.

Once you have selected an attribute, a new text box will appear on your design with the attribute text written inside. You can then move it into place and reformat the text as desired.

Once added to the design, your certificate is ready to receive data for that specific attribute. 


You can also download a spreadsheet template for when you upload your data to Accredible that has all of the standard attributes and all of your custom ones as well, so you know what information to provide. This can be downloaded on the Attributes page, or the Add Credentials page for any group.


Attributes in Action

Here's an example design that uses several attributes:



Here's my spreadsheet with the recipient data filled in and ready to upload. Note that for every attribute, you will need a corresponding column to fill the data into.


Here's the final certificate that is outputted once that data has been uploaded.



If you are looking for more information on how to use attributes you can watch this in-depth video which takes your through attributes from beginning to end:



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