How to Verify a Credential

An Accredible credential can be Verified in a variety of ways depending on what information you have access to.


Verifying a Credential (from the credential view)

Every Accredible credential has a button to 'VERIFY' the credential, right from the credential view. This will open a new tab (or browser window) which will communicate all of the information we have about the credential. 

This verification will communicate the current status of a credential: is it valid, or is it expired? Has the issuer been verified by Accredible? Has the information been updated over time or renewed? Has the credential been written to the Blockchain for an extra layer of security?


Verifying a Credential (from

Your credential can also be verified at, if you have part of the credential information, like a link to the credential that someone may have added to a resume or LinkedIn profile. Accredible can verify a credential from the following information:

  1. The credential link (ex. or
  2. The credential ID (ex. 10000005)
  3. A baked Open Badge image from the credential

To verify your credential, choose your identification type and enter it in the text field (or upload your badge image). 

If the link or ID you are trying to validate do not match an Accredible credential, you should confirm that you're entering the correct information. If the link or ID belongs to a credential from another issuer who is not Accredible, you will get the same error message.


Can Credentials From other Online Sources be Verfied?

Unfortunately, right now can only reliably verify credentials from an Accredible issuer. In the future, we hope to be able to verify digital credentials from any source. Is this important to you? Contact support and let us know!


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