Verifying an Accredible Badge

You can verify the information contained in an Accredible Open Badge file using Accredible's online verification tool.


Verifying an Accredible Open Badge Image

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Open Badge option.
  3. Click Select Image to Verify.
  4. Find the Open Badge image file on your computer, select the file and confirm the upload.
  5. Review the information displayed and ensure that the badge image contains the expected recipient and qualification.

Here's an example of a successful verification:


What Images Work?

An Open Badge image is a PNG file type. This is a common type of image file. You can download this from the sidebar of an Accredible credential. This image file can be shared and uplaoded to a third party badge backpack because it contains metadata about who owns the badge and what it recognizes.

A PNG image that does not have and Open Badge information will not be verified in Accredible's verification tool.


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