User-Uploaded Credentials

Accredible has recently added the ability for credential-holders to upload their existing credentials like, university diplomas, certificates of achievement, and professional training certificates. This enables Accredible users to easily share their existing credentials and enjoy the benefits of having a digital credential.


Why is this credential unverified?

All Accredible certificate and badge issuers are verified through their email and web domains, so we can vouch for their validity.

When a user uploads one of their credentials, Accredible can't say whether or not the credential is valid. You can examine the uploaded image of the credential yourself to determine its authenticity. 

Accredible is working on ways to verify these user-uploaded credentials with the issuers so that you can always be sure that credentials on Accredible are trustworthy.

In a list of all of a user's credentials, a tag indicating that the credential is 'unverified' is overlaid over the uploaded certificate or badge image, so it is clear which credentials are from verified issuers.


How can I double-check the verification of a credential?

If there is every any confusion about the status of an Accredible credential, just click on the 'Verify Credential' button on the credential view:

And we will check our records to display an accurate summary of the credential. This step will make it clear if a credential was created by a verified issuer or uploaded by a user.

Read more about credential verification.



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