Adding your credential on LinkedIn

Congratulations! You've received a credential from your course. Now, you would like to share it via LinkedIn with your connections. 

We provide a link on the credential view (underneath the badge or lefthand side of certificate) to add to LinkedIn which provides all of the information you will need to copy and paste into a form on LinkedIn. 

Recipient view (badge):


Recipient View (certificate and/or certificate and badge):


LinkedIn form details:


We try and make this as convenient as possible, but LinkedIn has really clamped down on letting 3rd parties add anything to a LinkedIn profile, so as the recipient, you must enter the information manually.

This will allow you to write a caption with the credential posted that will show up in your newsfeed so your connections can send you a personal 'Congratulations!' 


So now that you have achieved your credential, go ahead and show it off! You deserve it. :) 


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