Guide 1- Best Practices for setting up groups

What is a group?

A group is a place for you to store, manage & issue the credentials for a specific course, accreditation, event or achievement. You may want to create more than one group per course to differentiate credentials for various languages or versions of the course. 

Here are some guidelines for your groups:


1. A credential group can be named anything you like using the group name field. It will be displayed on certificate designs, emails, in the information section on the credential itself. It is the publicly visible name of a group.

2. You can also use the group identifier for your own reference on the dashboard. If you use course codes or an accreditation number for your groups, this is a good way to ensure that all of your credential groups on the dashboard are kept organized and easier for you to locate. 

3. A group description (optional field) is a great way to increase website traffic by giving information on how the credential was earned. 

4. Your group website listed will direct viewers to this URL link when they click on group name in the description of the credential. (optional field)

Note: It's important to note that if you have the group name [Group.course_name] attribute in use on the certificate design that this group is using, then whatever you have as the course name will automatically be pulled into the certificate design and used in the text box when a certificate is created.



5. You can upload a certificate design from existing templates in your certificate design library and/or a badge design as well. Keep in mind that badges must fulfill the following requirements: PNG file, Square image, and 256x256 px or more. 


After these basic requirements are set up for your group, you can customize other group settings including email templates, visibility settings, languages, API settings (optional), and much more. Keep in mind, you do not need to customize these settings for each group if you would like your settings to be the same across all groups. 

You can set up default settings for all your groups under default group settings at the top righthand corner of your groups section.

  • These settings will be applied to newly created groups by default.
  • Each group can override these defaults.
  • Making changes here does not affect your existing groups.


You can always send yourself a preview of your credential in your newly created group to test your group settings. Head to the bottom of your 'Info and Appearance' section in your group settings, to Send Yourself a Preview, and send an example credential to your email. These are deleted after a week and do not use up your plan's allowance.


Can I move my credentials to another group? 

If you happen to place the wrong credentials in the wrong group or would like to move them into another group, you can do this by heading to your credential list in that particular group and selecting move credentials. From there, you will be prompted to select which group you would like to move the selected credentials to. 

Note that information such as course name, description and certificate/badge design will be updated with the new group's settings.


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