How to update your email address (Recipient)

You can always update the primary email address associated with your account without having to wait for your course provider to make the changes for you. Follow the steps below if you would like to change your email address or link another credential associated with a separate email address as well. 


1. Head to your credential. Click on the top righthand corner where your name is listed where you will see a dropdown menu appear. 



2. Click on "Settings and Privacy." 

3. Then, click on linked accounts. 

4. From here, you will see the email address (s) associated with your account 


5. Select "Add a Linked Account" to add a second email address first before removing the previous email address if you are choosing to update the email address associated with your account. You will then be sent a verification email to verify the email address. 


6. Then, you can select which email address you would like as the primary email address listed for your credential. 



And you're done! Keep in mind, that the primary email address is the email address you will need to use to log in and if you ever need to recover a password. 



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