Filling in your Directory Profile

Your issuer's professional directory is a place where people can come to discover certified professionals. It can help people confirm your credentials, or expose you to new job opportunities! Filling in your profile fully will ensure better visibility of your profile.


Your Directory Profile Settings


For each issuer that has a certified professional directory that you hold credentials for, you will have different settings - you can choose to be visible in one directory and not the other. These settings will be duplicated for each directory you belong to.

Your profile 'completeness' is tracked on the right side of your settings to indicate which fields you can still enter. A higher completeness rating will place your profile closer to the top of search results.


General Settings

Profile information like your name, photo, and other social accounts can be filled in in the first section. We will reuse this information if you have more than one directory.

Personal Details


Your Bio is displayed on your profile summary card and on your full profile view. It's a great way to communicate your area of expertise. Settings like your location and availability are more helpful if you're looking for work. Availability is an optional field. 

Work Experience


You can optionally provide some information about your work experience. This helps any directory viewers understand your career trajectory and how your certification fits in!


When you're finished, you'll be able to review your directory profile!





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