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It's great to be able to showcase your credential. What's even better is that your issuer may want to showcase your achievement, too! The way they do this is with a directory. If you've received a credential from an issuer who has a certified professional directory, you will be able to choose whether or not to be included in this public list of professionals.

Being on this list means it's easier for third-parties to be able to find you if they are looking to hire someone with your qualification. 

It's your choice whether you would like to feature on your issuer's list of professionals, so in this article we explain how you can manage your privacy on the directory. 

Receiving a Directory Credential

If you receive a certificate or badge from an issuer that has a directory, you will be notified when you open your credential for the first time.


Your issuer will have decided to either set your new directory profile to either be visible or private by default. No matter what their default setting is, you always have control over whether or not you'd like to be listed in the directory.

Note: If your directory profile is set to visible, but there are credentials in your wallet that are set to private, these credentials will not be displayed. If your issuer is very privacy conscious and sets everything to private as a default, you will need to manually change the privacy setting to visible in order for you and your credential to appear in their directory.


Your Privacy Settings

Above your certificate or badge, you will see messages that will tell you about the the current visibility of your profile and the credential.



If the current privacy status is not set to how you would like it you can either:

'Edit your directory profile' to change your visibility in the issuer's directory.


'Make this credential public' to ensure that it shows up in your directory profile straight away.



Note: After deciding on your profile visibility, don't forget to 'Save' so that your settings take effect.


Bear in mind that if you have decided not to be included in the directory, the link to your directory profile will be 'Only visible to you' so you can review it's appearance, even though you won't be listed. Your directory profile won't be deleted.


Unsure whether you want to be on your issuer's directory? Why not check it out and see what you think before deciding whether you would like to be visible or not. You never know, your next big career opportunity might come knocking on your door because your profile was in the right place, at the right time, with the right credentials.



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