How to Download an Analytics Export

There are a few quick steps to export your analytics data. We give you some options over how to export your analytics events so that you can selectively compare different segments. No matter what segment of your data you want, the steps are the same:

1 - Hit 'Export Data'

Export Analytics 1

On the Analytics screen, hit the green 'Export Data' button on the actionbar.

Export Analytics 2

2 - Select your date range

Select a start date and end date. We will include all analytics events between these two dates - including credential views, credential issued, social shares, add to LinkedIn Profiles. This gives you the option to export a month's worth of data at a time so that you can compare cohorts.

3 - Select credential groups

Select either 'All Groups' or a specific group. You can export all the data related to credentials for a specific group, or for all groups on your account in one spreadsheet.

4 - Set the email to receive the data export

Enter the email you want to export this data to. The email of your Accredible account will be here by default.

When done, hit 'Export Spreadsheet'

Export Contents

You should receive your export after a few minutes - it can take a bit of time for our system to create your spreadsheet. Attached to this email is a CSV (spreadsheet) file that can be opened in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.

Export Analytics 3

You should find the Date of the event, the event name (credential view, recipient views their won credential, credential shared), the email of the credential recipient, the link to the credential, the credential group it belongs to (Cohort Name), and the count of times it occurred.