How to Get the Most Out of the Learner Flow

Learn what kinds of information you can take away from a Collection's Learner Flow and how to use those insights to influence your credential program.

Understanding the Learner Progression Flow with an example:

This view shows you which credentials in a collection are completed by how many learners and, more importantly, whether they advance to complete another credential or stop.

In the example shown, 4 learners finish the 'Intro Credential' and then all 4 advances to complete another credential. One new learner who didn't complete the 'Intro Credential' finishes 'Level II Credential' and then stops. We know this because there is no light green bar to indicate learners who are continuing took this credential, just the dark green bar on the far left indicating new learners. Finally, all 4 learners who finished the first credential in the collection finish 'Diploma Stage' and then stop, since there are no more courses to complete!

Now, we can understand which credentials learners are completing and whether or not they are taking multiple courses in our collection.

What can you do with this information?

Now that we know which courses cause the largest drop-offs, we might consider easing the transition between courses by restructuring material, offering a new course that fills in a gap, or by asking our credential-holders to re-certify at a higher level than the last time (advancing from a lower-level credential to a higher-level one).

We should also identify when more learners are completing a course after already finishing one earlier in our collection. This should tell us which courses are entry-level and which ones we should be trying to re-engage and re-sell with.

This may also be a diagnostic tool for learning! If you are trying to track learner progress and are seeing significant drop-off throughout a collection, this could be an early way to identify and prevent learner attrition through your certification program.

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