How To Use A Language Grade Evidence Item

Language grade evidence items

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We have the option to use a custom evidence item to display your grade information, this was specifically designed for use with CEFR language grades but could potentially work with other grade types. It will show the grade, along with a level for the achievement and some descriptions about the testing and what has been achieved.

This feature is available at request only. Email if you want to use it.

This guide will walk you through using this evidence item during a spreadsheet upload. If you have it enabled on your account, it can also be accessed via the API. You can find details about adding evidence via the API here: 

Once you have your group set up and ready to input student information you will then need to prepare a spreadsheet with the relevant recipient data including the data you want to add to the evidence item. Here's an example:

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(You can download a spreadsheet template at the bottom of this guide)

Each column in the spreadsheet will add information to a different section of the evidence item. The evidence category is hidden, but is important as it tells the system what type of evidence item we are creating. Here's where the information above gets populated in the evidence item:

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Go ahead and fill in the data you want to show up in each section, consider the fact that the description is designed for a short amount of text. Any longer bits of text you want to add should be added to the explanation section as seen above. 

 Once you have your data in place you just need to head to Accredible, choose the group you want to upload for and upload the sheet. When uploading your sheet you need to assign the correct columns of data to the correct evidence attributes in order for the evidence item to be populated correctly. It should be as follows:

Evidence 1 Category - Should always be to the column with language_grade in it

Evidence 1 Description - Should be the short text you want above the explanation 

Evidence 1 - Explanation - Should be the longer text you want to go below the the description

Evidence 1 Grade - The grade column

Evidence 1 Level - The level column 

Here's an example:

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Once you've assigned all the columns just hit next and upload your sheet. Once the credentials are  created you should see that the evidence item you added now shows below them like this:

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You can easily add multiple Language Grade evidence items to a single credential. Just add the other evidence items data into separate columns in your spreadsheet and when uploading assign the next Language Grade items data to "Evidence category 2, Evidence description 2, Evidence Explanation 2" etc. 

If you need any help using this evidence item please contact 

language grade evidence item - Template.csv (581 Bytes)