How Can I Download or Print My Certificate?

Digital certificates are great for easy sharing and saving resources, but sometimes you just need a hardcopy. Here is how to download and print off your certificate.

Finding the 'Download PDF' Option

To print a copt of your credential, you'll first need to download a PDF version of it. The 'Download PDF' option should appear to the left of your certificate, in the sidebar menu.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 14.31.42I Can't See the 'Download PDF' Option

Your issuer may require you to sign in to your credential in order to download and print it. If this is the case you will see a text-box at the top of the left-hand sidebar saying 'Sign in to access disabled or private options'. Click on this link in to sign in and access additional functions. To find out how to sign in to your credential, click here.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 13.03.31Downloading and Printing the Certificate

To print your certificate first you need to download a PDF copy.

  1. In the left-hand sidebar of your certificate page, click 'Download PDF'.
  2. A PDF copy of your certificate will open up in a new browser window. Click the download icon at the top of your PDF window.
  3. Open to the PDF version of your certificate now downloaded on your computer. Go to 'File' at the top of your screen, then click 'Print'.
  4. Follow your computer's printing instructions.
Print Certificate

Are you going to send me a printed copy of my certificate?

Accredible is a 100% digital credential service, meaning that we don't send out paper copies. However, some of our issuers do also send out a formal paper version of their credentials to compliment the digital version. You will need to contact your issuer to find out whether or not they are sending a printed paper copy to you. 

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