How do I Add My Own Branding?

It's also important to customize the branding that appears to your recipients. Manage your Department Settings to make sure that your recipients' experience of using your credentials is exactly how you would like it to be.

Navigate to Department Settings

  1. At the top right-hand corner of your Accredible Dashboard click on your name
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on 'Settings'

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Brand Customisation

Department Branding

Under Department Branding you can add in any missing company details including:

Issuer Name - This is how your company name will appear to your recipients on their credential view and in emails sent through Accredible. The attribute Issuer Name will be populated with whatever you enter into this field here.

Website - There are a number of places in the recipient experience where Accredible can redirect traffic to your company's website. The URL you enter here is will be the destination for that traffic.

Logo - Adding your company's logo here will also add your logo onto the recipient's credential view and a number of other places too, make sure to includes to increase brand recognition.

Email Branding/Appearance

Recipient Branding is a premium white labeling feature that you can purchase as an add-on to your account, give your recipients a completely branded experience, where it appears they never even leave your domain. To find out more about this feature click here.

Issuer Page Customization

As one of our issuers, you will have a page on Accredible which viewers of your recipients' credentials can click through to and find out more about your company and the kinds of certificates you can issue. This is a great way of increasing your engagement with prospective new customers, so make sure you fill this section of the department settings with a branded banner and rich description to make full use of the Issuer Page. Click on the 'View live issuer page' to see how your page appears.

Email Appearance

Here is where you can alter the appearance of the emails that are sent out to your recipients from Accredible's system. Tailor this to match your branding by changing the background, heading, text and button colors, as well as add your company logo. If you want to edit the content of your email templates instead of the appearance, click here to find out more.

Recipient Experience

Credential View

On your recipients' credential view, there are a number of features they can use to interact with their credential, including downloading a PDF version, sharing to LinkedIn, adjust privacy settings or embedding on to websites or email signatures. You can customize whether or not these features are publicly available, require the recipient to be logged in to use them or disable them completely. 

The 'Options Preview' that appears on the right-hand side of this section lets you see how each of the functions will appear on your recipients' credential view.

Every issuer is different, so your preferences on how you want your recipients' experience to be will be unique to you. Our recommendation for best practice is normally to keep everything public, but you have full control to amend things as you see fit. 

Social Sharing

Social sharing is a huge part of the value of a digital credential. Make sure to fill in your all the relevant handles and URLs that you have so that your brand's follow links are added to all credentials that you send. 

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You can also add in a custom Twitter message and tweak the content that will be seen when a credential is shared/seen on Facebook or search engines. If left either of these fields are left blank the default Accredible message is sent instead. 

These are the essentials that we suggest you complete before starting to issue credentials, but there are even more options for you to use to really fine-tune how your account works. Feel free to explore the settings section and amend anything else that suits you.

You are now ready to create and publish your first batch of digital credentials! Click here to find out how.

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