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The Recipient Verification Directory

The Recipient Verification Directory is a searchable list of all the credentials issued by you.

This feature is available on our Plus and Premium Plans.

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The Benefits of the Recipient Verification Directory

The verification directory adds three enormous benefits to your Accredible account:

  1. It provides an easy way for third parties to check whether an individual has a valid certification from your organization - ensuring the credibility of your credential holders.
  2. It gives way for employers or clients to search and locate qualified individuals.
  3. The directory showcases your alumni and the size of your certification program.

Give your credentials a public space so anyone can search through all the certificates and badges issued by your organization.

Embed the Verification Directory

Put your qualified recipients in front and center of your website to ensure they get seen by the right people. The Recipient Verification Directory can be embedded into another webpage, including your main domain. Having your qualified recipients visible on your website incentivizes your others to become qualified with you as well.

For instructions on embedding the directory, check out our article here: How Do I Embed my Recipient Verification Directory?


You can customize your Verification Directory to match your branding and needs. Settings include:

  • A branded header including logo, title, and intro
  • Links back to a web page of your choosing
  • Adjustable search behavior
  • The ability to hide, show and search by different criteria, such as recipient names, course name, and credential ID, as well as custom attributes.

How to Get the Verification Directory

The Recipient Verification Directory is a premium feature that can be purchased from the 'Upgrade your Account' page on your Accredible Dashboard.

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