Thinkific Users- Why Aren't My Students Receiving Their Certificates?

Why aren't my students receiving their certificates?

As standard, email notifications are set to 'off' for all thinkfic integrated accounts. This means that when a student completes your course the certificate will be created but the student does not get an email notification. If you would like to send email notifications upon course completion please follow these instructions:

1) Log into your Accredible account
2) Head to settings, by clicking the drop down menu in the top right hand corner by your name
3) Scroll down and tick the box so it reads "Credential Recipients emails are ON"

You're all done! Now when you publish a certificate the recipient will receive a notification email.

Note: You can resend an email to all retro-active graduates who have not received the notification by clicking "credentials" in the top menu then selecting all and hitting the "resend email" button.