Why Aren't My Thinkific Students Receiving Their Certificates?

If your students are experiencing problems receiving their credentials, here is what you need to check.

Has the Recipient Clicked the Trigger?

With the Thinkific integration, students are issued a certificate in Accredible only upon clicking on the get my certificate button in the course or clicking on the view button on their Thinkific student account page. ​
Once your students complete a course, they are presented with the get my certificate button. If they don't click on the get my certificate button or view the certificate from their account page, the certificate will not be generated in Accredible.
For a student to fully mark their course to 100% completion, they need to use the Complete & Continue button at the bottom of the course. After clicking on the Complete & Continue button, they would still need to use the Get my certificate button in the top left to receive their certificate. 
To check which students haven't generated their certificates, it would be best to compare who has received a certificate in Accredible (meaning they clicked on the button to generate the certificate) and compare that with a progress report of your students who have 100% completion in the course from Thinkific.

Check the Email Notification Settings

As standard, email notifications are set to off for all Thinkfic integrated accounts. This means that the certificate will be created when a student completes your course, but the student does not get an email notification from the Accredible system.

If you would like to turn on email notifications from Accredible upon course completion, check out our article here on how to achieve this: Turn On Emails Notifications from Accredible

    Important Note: You can resend an email to all retroactive graduates who have not received the notification by clicking credentials in the top menu, then selecting all and hitting the resend email button.

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