Can I Send Accredible Emails Through Our Email System?

By default, Accredible sends emails on your behalf. However, you can tell Accredible to send mail through any other SMTP server.

The Benefits

Using another SMTP server will allow you to:

  • Have better delivery results - all emails will come from your server so that you are in control of any settings that can help delivery to your recipients.
  • Have the emails come from your domain address rather than Accredible's -  this is good for branding and will potentially help avoid recipients' spam filters.
  • Still customize your email appearance and templates on Accredible, even though the emails are then outsourced to your server.

The Downside

Accredible won't be able to report email bounces. The email bounce data in our data analytics will no longer be accurate as we will no longer have access to the triggers for this information.


Important Note: SMTP Override Settings is not available on Free Trial accounts.

How to Configure Custom SMTP Settings

  1. Click on 'Emails' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard.
  2. Click 'SMTP Overrides' in the left-hand sidebar menu.Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 14.54.54

3. Enter your SMTP Server settings. You may need someone technical on your team to enter these details if you aren't sure where to find them. Your ISP will often provide these settings.

4. Save your changes. We then recommend sending yourself a test email to confirm that we're sending your emails from your custom email account. You can do this by sending a preview email

Important Notes

  • You should avoid using Port 25 if that is an option for your SMTP configuration.
  • DKIM or SPF settings you previously configured with Accredible will no longer affect delivery, since emails will be sent from your server instead of Accredible's.

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