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Accredible Product Release Notes

Below is a running log of release notes for all Accredible products.

September 11, 2023

2-Page Certificate PDF Functionality: Issuers can now easily upload static PDF pages to groups on the dashboard. When a Recipient downloads a certificate PDF, the system will seamlessly integrate the certificate image as the 1st page and attach the Issuer's uploaded page as the 2nd page in the PDF, providing Recipients with a comprehensive credential document.

Whether for legal disclaimers, regulatory requirements, or contextual support, this enhancement simplifies transitioning traditional certificates to an online format while adding value by ensuring all necessary information is readily accessible in a single PDF.

June 30th, 2023

Enhanced Performance & Efficiency For Spreadsheet Bulk Upload: Spreadsheet bulk uploads are one of our most popular features and we want to ensure it’s as easy and efficient as possible to use! With our latest release, coming this week, you will be able to:

  • Create and update up to 100,000 records/credentials with a single spreadsheet
  • Queue up to five different uploads for five different departments/organizations at a time
  • Simultaneously update records/credentials in a larger number of groups
  • Travel off-page and work elsewhere in the dashboard as your files are uploaded

Improved Error Handling: With the enhancements to Spreadsheet Bulk Upload functionality, we’ve also streamlined Accredible’s error handling to better support the processing of larger, more complex files. With this update, you should be able to more quickly and easily identify any errors in your spreadsheet uploads. We’ve outlined some more information on this process HERE

Permissions: We’ve enhanced the on-page guidance for the individual team member Permissions Page! With this update, you can now more easily view how viewing/editing permission settings will also apply to credential permissions. For more information about permissions, please click HERE

June 19th, 2023

We've launched a new integration with Skilljar! With this release, you will be able to auto-issue credentials based on Skilljar course & lesson completion and automatically bring Skilljar data into Accredible. 

June 8th, 2023


We've released some improvements to Collections!  As part of these improvements, you will be able to sort groups into Collections for easier filtering and categorization, permissioning will become simpler, and learners can more easily sort through a large course catalog. We’ve outlined further detail about using improved collections for you HERE

The Learner Page [Pathways Hub]
We've released a page where learners can more easily track and engage with their ongoing learning. At release time, this page will list all of a learner’s enrolled pathways and associated progress. For additional information, please click HERE

May 8th, 2023


In April, we released the much anticipated, Pathways, which lets you connect credentials together into a program for your learner  For those of you who haven’t migrated over from your existing Stacked Credentials or Collections to Pathways, you can register for our upcoming training on May 18th 2023 at 4pm GMT/11am EST. 

Stacked Credentials will sunset on July 6th, so it’s imperative that you have completed your migration to Pathways prior to that date.

Change Audit & Bulk Export

If you’re a Growth customer, starting on May 17th, you’ll have access to change audits within your Accredible dashboard.  Change audits allow you to see creation or changes of groups, designs, or credentials. You can filter for a particular object, select a category (ie, group, design, or credential) and the date range, and you will then see a list of the creation or changes associated. “Audit Logs” will provide you the ability to see internal activity for compliance and security purposes. For more information, check out our Knowledge Base page about change audits.

We are also releasing on the same day for Growth customers the ability to bulk export data using our external API.  This enables your organization to use your data in one of your internal BI tools.  Data points will include metrics such as counts, dates, etc on: credentials, groups, designs, and credential analytics.  HERE is a link to the documentation page that has additional information about the API export.



On June 8th we will be releasing some improvements to Collections.  As part of these improvements, filtering and group categorization will improve, permissioning will become simpler, and learners can more easily sort through a large course catalog.  Additionally, we will be improving the analytics available to you.  For accounts using our Growth plan, we will provide comparative analytics on the Credential Engagement page too.


Pathways Updates

Starting on June 8th, your learners can better see their progress as they move through your Pathways!  We’ll continue to make iterations and improvements on this page for your recipients in the coming months.


March 13th, 2023

An Update to the Credential Engagement Analytics Page

On March 20th, we updated the Credential Engagement page within the Insights feature to better illustrate the credential engagement funnel. Previously, the funnel focused only on publishing and sharing a credential. It will now illustrate the funnel from publishing a credential to sharing and engaging with it. This change will help you better identify your recipients' overall activity level with published credentials.

The Credential Engagement page will also have a more detailed breakdown of individual shared events and engagement events, along with information about how these calculations are made so that you and your teams can understand how to use this data best. For more information, please see the article here 

Adding Earning Criteria to Groups

As of March 30th, you can communicate each credential’s Earning Criteria to convey the mastered skills and knowledge required for an achievement, including mandatory and optional criteria. With this, you can represent each credential’s significance so recipients' skills have marketable value. Within your Accredible group settings, we provide an efficient way to optionally add, edit, delete, and order Earning Criteria for each group in a meaningful and exciting way.  The Earning Criteria feature complies with Open Badge Standards 3.0. For more information, please see the article here 

February 2nd, 2023

Updates to Spotlight Directory Filtering and User Skills

Filtering Summary:

For Issuers with Spotlight Directories enabled for multiple departments.

Issuers can now enable filtering by department for directory viewers to use when searching,  making multi-department directories more user-friendly.Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 14.36.40

User Skills Summary:

We've updated Spotlight Directory profile pages to list the user’s skills with the credentials they are associated with. This makes it easier to understand the user’s skills in relation to the credentials they have earned.

February 2nd, 2023

Issuers can Specify, Identify and Filter Language in Credential Designers


We have upgraded the Certificate and Badge Designers so Issuers can assign languages to certificates and badges. Once set, Issuers will see a language tag on the certificate or badge.

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 10.55.11

Issuers can then filter by one or more languages from two locations:

Disclaimer: This language support feature does not provide translation services of any kind. It’s a convenience so issuers can tag and find language-specific certificates or badges they designed.

January 2nd, 2023

Improved Control of 'Share to Linkedin' Options on the Credential View


Previously, the LinkedIn share button appeared or disappeared from the credential view page based on the 'Add to the LinkedIn' setting. Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 10.44.37

Now, there are individual settings under 'My Recipient' Experience'  for the right-hand 'Add to My LinkedIn Profile' button and the left-hand 'Share to LinkedIn' icon that appears in the horizontal menu.

These can now be individually set to be publicly visible, only visible to the credential owner, or disabled altogether. 

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 10.30.11