Can I Add a Custom Email Template to a Group?

If you would like a custom email template to be used for a specific group instead of the default, here's how to apply that.

Naming Your Custom Email Template

When you are creating your custom email template ensure that you give it a unique template name, this will make it easier to identify your custom template when you are assigning it to your group. 

Important Note: If you are using a custom email template to put your branding on the emails that come from Accredible, you will need to create a template for each email that gets sent out during your recipients' experience with their credentials. These are:

- Credential Received

- Credential is About to Expire

- Credential has Expired

- Credential Renewed

Adding your Custom Template to the Group

Open 'Groups' and head to the group settings you would like the custom email template to be attached to.

In the left-hand sidebar menu of the group settings, click on 'Advanced Settings' then 'Email Setting Overrides.'

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 16.21.48

Email Setting Overrides

Toggle on the setting called 'Use different email templates for this Group', and a new selection of dropdown menus will appear.


Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 16.23.16

Use the drop-down menus to select your custom email template for that type of email.


After you have applied all custom email templates that you would like, scroll down and hit save at the bottom of the page. Now the emails sent from this group will be through the custom email templates you've applied to.

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