How do I Add Administrators?

What is an Administrator, and how can you have more than one?

An administrator will have access to everything on your Accredible account. Specifically, they will be able to:

  • Update your Organization Settings
  • Access Billing
  • Create, edit and delete other Administrators

If you also have Departments enabled they can also:

  • Create, edit and delete Departments
  • Have full access to all Departments, their Groups, Designs and Credentials

Make sure you are happy with an individual having access to all of the above permissions before you add them as an administrator.

Adding a New Administrator


Add Administrator-1


1. When clicking on your organization's name, a drop-down menu will appear. Select 'Administrators' from the menu.

2. At the top right-hand corner of the 'Manage Administrators' page, click on the 'Add Administrator' button.

3. Fill in your new administrator's name and email address. Click Save.

4. A verification email will be sent to your new administrator. Ask them to follow the prompts in this email, then they will be able to operate on your Accredible account with all the same permissions as you.

NOTE: If the person you are trying to add already has an Accredible account with the email address you are trying to use, you will see the following warning message:


That email address belongs to a different organization For security reasons we restrict email addresses to a single organization

If this occurs it might be that this person has a free trial account with Accredible. If this is the case ask them to close their free trial account before adding them as one of your administrators.

Delete Administrators

If you need to remove someone as an administrator, go to the Manage Administrators page and use the 'Delete' button by the side of that particular person. This will remove them from your Accredible account.

Do you want to have someone working with you on your account, but don't want them to have the same level of access as you? Check out our article on Team Members!